5 Ways to Save Money While Wedding Planning

Contrary to popular belief, weddings don’t have to put you into debt. Here are a few of our favorite money saving tips to consider when planning your wedding:


1. Shop Used First

You can find almost anything second hand, especially when in comes to wedding decor. Shop local Facebook groups + market place to score some great deals on gently used goods. 

It doesn’t stop at decor, shopping second hand can save you thousands when it comes to your wedding dress too (enter Dearly Loved Bridal).


2. Pick an Undesirable Date 

Choosing a date “off season” or even day (ex: Friday/Sunday) can save you HALF the cost of a venue. Many venues even offer deals and extras when you book during the Winter months or weekdays.

This alternative is becoming much more popular, and people will still come, we promise.


3. Brunch, please

Serving breakfast, brunch or even lunch is a great way to share a (less expensive) meal with your family and friends. 

If this just isn’t your thing- consider something not as traditional, like Tacos or Pizza to save some dough…see what we did there? 

4. Skip the “Extras”

Save the dates, party favors and midnight snacks are all fine and fun- but they’re not necessary. If they’re not in budget, don’t feel like you have to have them.

Unless you’re giving away puppies or cars, no one will remember in 5 years what you did besides get married…just saying.


5. Don’t Over-Invite

In the world of weddings the guest list can really control the budget. Avoid over-inviting by only inviting the people that YOU TWO want to invite.

In the age of micro-weddings and elopements, you are not obligated to invite the great aunts and second cousins, nor do you need to invite your high school bestie you haven’t talked to in 10 years. Keeping the guest list controlled will definitely help the budget down, and probably your stress levels too.


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