What Our Bridal Stylist Won't Tell You

We've all heard horror stories of wedding dress shopping experiences that are sabotaged by bickering bridesmaids or opinionated moms. But the most disheartening thing we hear, is when brides say that they had terrible experiences that left them feeling rushed, confused, and anything less than beautiful. 

And to that we say "hard pass".

Our job as bridal stylists is to make the day all about Y O U. To make sure you are loved, heard, taken care of, and feel as beautiful as you are.

So here are a few things that OUR bridal stylists won't EVER tell you.

1. "We don't have anything for you"
Though our selection is always changing- we do our best to curate our shop to have a variety of sizes, styles and price points. We pride ourselves on truly having something for everyone. 

2. "That looks terrible"
We do our best to find gowns that fit your style AND flatter your figure. We will ALWAYS shut down negativity, and do our best to help you find a gown that makes YOU comfortable. This is your day to make memories with those you love, and we will advocate for positive comments and attitudes from everyone.

3. "This might not be the shop for you"
In fact, this IS the shop for you. You are welcome here. We proudly serve brides with all budgets and body types. We promise to go above and beyond to help you find "the one"!

4. "You have to buy from us, or else..."
While we will always strive to earn your business, we will never be pushy. It's our job to make sure that YOU feel confident, both in your dress and the decision to buy it. Since we typically only have one of each gown, the possibility of it not being there days later is real- BUT we believe that if it is meant to be, it will be. 

5. "We don't have anything in your budget/size"
We curate a bridal shop where ALL budgets and body types are welcome. While it may not be "the one" we will always have at least something that can work for you. Our exclusive line of bridal gowns, Dearly by Dearly Loved is available in sizes 0-32, and we have gowns starting as low as $50.


If there is one thing that you should know about our stylists, it's that they are FOR you. We truly want you to find a gown you feel beautiful in! It's our job and honor to make you feel loved.  



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