How To Plan A Wedding In 10 Days

Does COVID have your big day in disarray?

As discouraging as it can be to have your wedding world turned upside down, there is still so much to be celebrated. With the recent shift to Micro Weddings and Elopements, we've seen so much creativity and positivity come out of what could be a soul-crushing experience. Regardless, re-thinking your wedding can be stressful and with an ever changing time-line it's important to evolve your vision and options if you want to pull of the day of your dreams.

We've put together a guide to help brides (#coronabrides or otherwise) plan and rethink (and possibly execute) their big day in 10 days! 

Day #1: Gather Your Thoughts

Write down everything you are thinking and make some lists. What elements of your wedding can you incorporate into your new day? How can you translate the overall "vibe" of your wedding. What are the three most important things to you? 

Day #2: Find an Officiant, Venue + Make an Invite List

There are three key ingredients to a wedding: Legalities, Place + People.

Know someone ordained- perfect. Ask them! Don't? Make someone get ordained. In most states, a simple online class will suffice! 

Grandma's farm? Best friends backyard? Venue shopping will look much different these days. But with the right event insurance, anything is possible!

Once you've narrowed down your venue options, it's time to send some texts. (we have 8 days left babes, no time to chit chat). Check your state mandates, and look out for potential set backs when it comes to deciding on your guest count. Error on the side of "intimate".

Day #3: Say YES to Your Dress

Re-committing to a gown you've previously purchased, or committing to an off the rack dress is essential. At this point there are 7 days left, and emergency tailoring might be out of the question (but it never hurts to ask), so the key is finding something you love that also fits.

Whatever the gentleman in your party are wearing will also need to be decided and purchased with haste. If you're popping tags- head to Goodwill to find a statement sport coat to pair with slacks. Or if all else fails- Amazon Prime anyone? The key here is comfort.

If your gals need some garb- send them to your local consignment shop (hint hint) for an off the rack gown! They can always order online, or check second hand stores as well.

Day #4: Find Some Food

Get creative when it comes to thinking food. Pizza party? Pot luck? Plated dinner in the back yard? All viable options. As for the beverage (did someone say beveragino?) pop up mobile bars are making appearances all over and add so much to an intimate wedding. If that's not going to work- consider your favorite bartender and a trip to Costco.

Day #5: Rentals + Flowers

Do you need a portapoty? How about some linens for Aunt Sue's card tables she's letting you borrow? Today is the day to secure it. Check with local mom + pop rental places first, they are much more flexible to work with your timeline.

As for blooms, florists won't likely be able to find the petal pink peonies of your dreams- but they most likely WILL whip out something beautiful. Stick to soft whites and greenery for an easy and elegant boquet!

Day #6: Music

Thank the Lord for Apple Music, Spotify + Pandora, am I right? Put together a few playlists for your big day! If your wedding doesn't call for tunes- take a nap on Day 6, you've earned it.

We recommend the following playlists:
1. Beginning: Soft + subtle music to get the mood right before you walk down the aisle.
2. Walk Down the Aisle: Make it you. And no, it doesn't HAVE to be "A Thousand Years Instrumental" unless you love that song.
3. We Did It: whatever song you and your partner want to boogie back down the aisle to!
4. Get the Party Started: Ease them in- this can be soft or jazzy tunes perfect for cocktails, dinner or both.
5. Turn Down for What: After the grandparents leave- play this. You know What I'm talking About People (get it?).

Day #7: Cake

Let them eat cake! Call local bakeries and restaurants (they need you now more than ever). If no one can do it in your time frame- Costco is A L W A Y S a good idea. Heck, Betty Crocker bake it yourself.

If cake isn't your thing pie, doughnuts or cobbler are sound alternatives. Or better yet, save the calories...just kidding. 

Day #8: Finalize Finalize Finalize

Go back through the list above and confirm with everyone. As we know, plans change quickly these days so making sure you have time to find a back up is essential.

If there is anything you need to grab, today is the day to get it!

Day #9: Rest

Big day tomorrow- rest up and try to relax as much as you can. Finish any last minute projects, and get EXCITED!

Day #10: Get Married!

Que the happy tears!


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